NEW INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOPS ZOOM technology enables us to offer ONLINE courses. Please find details here. We offer to hold workshops anywhere in Europe. We would love to come to your town. Have you got the contacts and the rooms? Would your art society be interested?Please contact us. We would love to discuss the details with …

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About Tribus Omina

The original formula of painting in 3D Developed by the artist Herdin Radtke The painter Herdin Radtke developed the original formula for 3-dimensional painting in oils called Tribus Omina. He was assisted by the artist Gertrud Erna Pietschmann. AREA / LINE + GRADED CONTRAST = 3D VISION The Pomponist way of teaching is based on …

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Oil Painting the POMPONIST Way

Educational Objectives of the POMPONIST Way of Oil Painting Creating three dimensional forms across different spaces, directing and composing light, creating translucencies, combining light, shade, and graded contrasts of different colours, creating harmonious compositions employing linear structures and various light sources. In order to achieve this we make use of different realist sample artworks depending …

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Where do I start?

Where do I start?That is always the first thought a beginner will have when starting out in oils. My answer : You need simple, easy to understand instructions concerning the following items : 1. Which brushes to use and how to hold the brush correctly from the beginning; how and with what do I clean …

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About Herdin

The Artist  The artist and painter Herdin Radtke began to create three dimensional sky scrapers from clay when he was only eight years old. He went on to draw the downwards reducing objects in perspective from a bird´s eye view. Without knowing where the journey would take him he drew and painted just for fun. …

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Private Tuition

Herdin your personal coach (3-lingual English, French, German) also as a consultant for radio and television. Herdin Radtke is at your disposal by appointment. See contact form below. “The singer Shakira took private lessons in the spring of 2012 employing Herdin Radtke´s techniques”


Should you be interested in purchasing any of the following paintings please contact us. Fruit Still Lifes Romantic Landscapes Portraits Waterscapes Hyperrealism Pomponism Floral Still Lifes Animal Portraits Abstrakt Overview over the way we work

Who We Are

Independent Art Academy We are an independent academy teaching contemporary oil painting. It is a new school of vision and recognition. The independent academy for oil painting is unique in Europe. It is known in particular for tutoring oil painting in seminars, workshops, and preparatory courses. We reach out to teachers, artists, beginners, and advanced …

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