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We offer to hold workshops anywhere in Europe. We would love to come to your town.
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At the beginning of each course we will discuss your preferred subject. Individual expectations will be taken into consideration as long as they fit in. The motif or subject will be chosen to suit beginners as well as advanced learners.

Our ingenious Pomponist approach of teaching covers still lifes, landscapes, portraits, and surrealistic elements. It embraces the famous quote attributed to the French painter Cézanne: “the world can be described by a sphere, a cone, or a cylinder”. These represent all the important components you need to understand oil painting in all its width and breadth and learn how to handle it. The emphasis will be on the word “learn”. That is also why all the students of a course will paint the same subject.

Welcome, brief introduction and explanations about the material. Information about how to hold the brush, how to prime the canvas, and how to use the medium. Next Herdin will go to his easel and demonstrate the painting process in brief steps. He will explain each step in detail to show how and why everthing is done. He will do so while his students are standing behind him in a semi circle watching closely. After each step the students will return to their own easel and try to emulate what they have just seen and heard. Once they have completed a sequence they will go to Herdin with the result of their efforts individually.

Herdin will appraise the painting of each student discussing the work and correcting it where necessary. Other students will be invited to watch on (you learn a lot from mistakes). Nobody will be left to his fate. On the contrary everyone will be guided through the workshop by the master to guarantee success. Should you have any further questions regarding a workshop and its contents or even about possibly required previous knowledge please contact us. We will be only too pleased to help and advise.

During those days we will paint a picture size 30 x 40 cm, 40 x 40 cm or 30 x 50 cm depending on the chosen subject. This will be selected on the grounds that we should be able to complete it within the given time frame. You will learn to create light, shades, and translucencies in your painting. We will start with a rough-in of the main shapes and the background with details to follow. Next the main lights and shades will be put in and finally the highlights. Herdin´s famous drops of water will add a surreal touch to the painting. This will complete these unforgettable painting days. May we just add that this painting technique will also enable acrylic artists to switch to oil painting. You will be surprised how much light, brilliance, power of expression and three dimensionality you can achieve with it. …

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