Who We Are

Bitte Löschen

We are an independent academy teaching contemporary oil painting.

It is a new school of vision and recognition. The independent academy for oil painting is unique in Europe. It is known in particular for tutoring oil painting in seminars, workshops, and preparatory courses.

We reach out to teachers, artists, beginners, and advanced students as well as semi professionals and amateurs of all ages.

We concentrate on manual skills and professional handling of oil colours as these should be accessible to everyone. We offer decades of experience and we are highly motivated.

Herdin with Salvatore Dali 1978 in Cadaqués

During 1978 – 1982/83 Herdin Radtke enjoyed the unique opportunity to live and work in Cadaques / Spain in the vicinity of the art community around Salvadore Dali. It is here that he developed his first ideas to start a new movement which he later called POMPONISM. POMPONISM is based on a high degree of manual painting skills. As opposed to Surrealism it employs elements which are quite differrent and aim at a change in identity in painting.

Herdin Radtke

More than 40 years experience, as a painter, artist, tutor, workshop teacher, author, and music producer.

Producer of more than 40 teaching DVDs
Exhibitions all other Europe
Founder of the Pomponist Way of teaching. Discovered the original formula of 3D painting TRIBUS OMINA