Streaming Tutorials

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Herdin´s youtube channel offers a number of free short videos. These give you a glimpse of how the workshops are conducted and give you a time lapse speed painting preview of the DVDs. Several tutorials are now also available as full length real time streaming tutorials.

This is How it Works

Many modern devices no longer come with built-in DVD players. That is why we are now offering a streaming service even for tutorials lasting 2-3 hours.

In order to be able to enjoy this service you will need a free youtube account. If you haven´t got a youtube account you can easily register by using your email address and a password. Additional information is purely voluntary and only accessible to the public if you choose to grant it.

Please order our streaming service per tutorial using your YouTube Email-Address. A one-off payment will give you access to the streaming service of your chosen tutorial. Access to the tutorial will normally be granted within 24 hours upon receipt of your payment. This also applies to all parts of any film consisting of more than one episode.

Your chosen tutorial with have a link to the corresponding film next to the order information. It will give you unlimited access to view the video as often as you like. You will not be able to download the film or pass it on to third parties. We recommend that you add the LINK to your bookmarks so that it is easy to find.

Until such times that access is granted the link will display the following image on your screen.

Please contact us for any questions you might have

Our streaming service will save you space in your cabinet, and on your hard drive. Click her for detailed terms and conditions.