FAQs for Online Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online workshop ?

An online workshop is an interactive online course, session, or an online conference in which you can participate via the web irrespective of your location. Communication takes place via a webcam and a headphone. Furthermore you can communicate with your host and other participants via a live chat by exchanging text messages. So there will be sessions you can attend even if you do not have a webcam or a headphone.

Which technical requirements are essential?

In order to participate in an online workshop you need internet access via a PC, Mac, laptop or Tablet. However, dated browsers may not support the online workshop software in full.

You will achieve the best audio experience using headphones, speakers or a headset.

What if I am not a computer buff?

There is a step by step explanation of how to set up you pc, laptop, or tablet both in a printable version to download and as a short video.

How do I register?

Your host will invite you to the online workshop via e-mail after you have applied to participate in a session of your choice. The e-mail will give you a link and a pass code. At the appointed hour click on the link in your course invitation e-mail and enter your e-mail address and the passcode.

For your first ever session the software will ask you to quickly install an application on your device. This will be used automatically in all your future sessions. You can install it here free of charge so that you do not miss the beginning of the session.

Can I remain anonymous during a session?

You can remain anonymous by registering with your correct e-mail address and a pseudonym. The name you enter when entering a session will be displayed to other participants. It will also appear when you enter the chat.

Can I participate via my tablet, iPad or smartphone?

Yes, iOS- or Android users can follow a session via a tablet, iPad or smartphone. You can also use the live chat function. Simply click on the link in your online workshop invitation e-mail.

If you are using the Safari Browser for your Mac, iPad or iPhone you can only follow the online workshop livestream video and sound. You will need a different browser (Chrome, Firefox) for Apple devices to be able to enter a live chat.

Do I need a camera and a microphone?

Not necessarily. You can participate in session 1 without a camera or microphone. You can communicate with your host and other participants via a live chat using text messages.

What if my chosen online workshop is fully booked?

The number of participants is limited depending on the kind of session. This will ensure that interaction and communication satisfies everybody´s requirements and guarantees an intensive and enjoyable experience.

Is there a waiting list for fully booked online workshops?

We regret to be unable to offer waiting lists which would automatically fill empty slots following cancellations. It may be worth your while to check a few days prior to the appointed date to see if there are any vacancies. Also new courses and sessions will be added quite often.

Can I pass my online workshop access link on to a friend?

Sorry, but the link to the online workshop is personalized. It only works for the person who has registered for the session and for that session only. You may want to notify friends and other interested parties by sharing the link to our website and telling them about our online courses. Please copy the URL and send them an e-mail or whatsapp.

How can I cancel my registration?

Should you be unable to attend the online workshop please notify us by phone or e-mail so that we can arrange for a refund or a voucher for future sessions.

Any other questions? Please notify us by phone or e-mail